Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Flying by

The weeks that is. So another weekend lost to house renovation. I was deep into a re-wiring problem on Sunday afternoon, watching the sunshine slip away and the day turn into night before I could finish the chore. My first planned hill run of the new year in tatters. Never mind, on with the lycra and off from Mold, out in the pitch dark to Moel Famau car park. As I was running the surface water on the tarmac was freezing under my feet. Once into the countryside and into the proper dark - the stars were out in their brilliance. Managed the 11 mile easy run without raising the pulse too much, nice to be just ticking over. Slipped my entry to Osmotherley Phoenix (33 mile Ultra) in the post today, hope I'm not too late as hotels have been booked! This weekend I WILL get on the hill! besides, I'll be fitter and enjoy it more having a few more club sessions under my belt.

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