Thursday, 3 June 2010

Cadair Idris Fell Race

Cadair Idris - 'The chair of Idris' From Welsh mythology- Idris was a Giant who sat on the mountain's lake (Llyn Cau) with his arms up on the crest like a giant arm chair.

This was the main challenge of the Cadair Idris Fell race which climbs 3,000ft over 10.5 miles from the main square in Dolgellau. I'd been injury plagued on the run up to this race which had interfered with my preparation and prevented me from losing just a couple more pounds so I could break the 12stone barrier. Having got over the injury problems during the lead up, I couldn't believe it when I put my back out the night before the race. Anyway there was no way I wasn't going to run this race, so I packed the car, dosed up on pain killers and drove to the start line. Arriving with only a few minutes to spare, I was running around the second I got out of the car. The race was soon heading up, and out of town towards the mountain. The weather changed from sunny to horizontal rain and clag as soon as we hit the lower slopes. I was a bit slow climbing wanting to conserve energy for the down hill which was wet and very steep. With the back problem I couldn't afford to fall. I managed to gain a lot of places on the descent and come in with a respectable 2hrs 5mins 35secs which placed me 107th out of 214 finishers - Sub 2hrs is on for next year. A great atmosphere and a very well organised race. Time to get my back sorted now for the next one in a few weeks - Osmotherley Phoenix 33m. Time to 'up' the mileage for me and Dot.