Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Flying by

The weeks that is. So another weekend lost to house renovation. I was deep into a re-wiring problem on Sunday afternoon, watching the sunshine slip away and the day turn into night before I could finish the chore. My first planned hill run of the new year in tatters. Never mind, on with the lycra and off from Mold, out in the pitch dark to Moel Famau car park. As I was running the surface water on the tarmac was freezing under my feet. Once into the countryside and into the proper dark - the stars were out in their brilliance. Managed the 11 mile easy run without raising the pulse too much, nice to be just ticking over. Slipped my entry to Osmotherley Phoenix (33 mile Ultra) in the post today, hope I'm not too late as hotels have been booked! This weekend I WILL get on the hill! besides, I'll be fitter and enjoy it more having a few more club sessions under my belt.

Friday, 23 January 2009

More Track

A Pyramid session last night. 800/1200/1500/1200/800's. It's interesting, this is only my second time on a track with my new club members. I've identified two or three runners who have run at a similar pace to me over the two speed sessions. Looking at some of their recent competitive 10k and half marathon times, they too are comparable to my own. I'm hoping where I'll score well is on the longer distance stuff, which I much prefer. Planning my first stab at the hills on Sunday. It seems like an age since I was last running up Moel Famau (Mother/hill) my 'guardian hill' - I like to think she looks over our house and keeps us safe (above). May take little Dot with me for ballast.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

1st club easy run

Not that easy, met a few more club members last night on their regular Tuesday night run out. The route from the club is all uphill. (888ft) climbing No surprise there as the club is at sea level! The pace was brisk enough for me at this stage of the game, with only last Sunday's 8mile cross country under my belt since getting over flu.(Didn't get into the hills proper, need to build up some strength first) We did 9.5 miles (1hr 25m) which is more than I would do on a work-time lunch run. Great to talk to some new people, and looking forward to getting more familiar with them. Also looking forward to a track sesh on Thursday. I'm dropping some excess xmas baggage
also, 3kg since last Thursday - it's got to help!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Getting on track

So, joined my new club Deestriders last night. The initiation ceremony was harsh – 5 x 1000m intervals. Of course I was off the starting blocks like a hare not really knowing in physical distance how far 1,000m was! Soon found out when I ran out of oxygen. It’s amazing how exposed you feel on a track, and fat! I’m intending on dropping a stone over the next 5 weeks which will help. Looking forward to the benefits that kind of motivated training will provide.

Enjoyed the session and met some really friendly people including A long lost second cousin! Hope to run with him soon. Will try and get to the next club meet on Tues for a social 7 mile road run. - looking forward to it. Hmmm...the hills are calling for the weekend, I’ll have a think about where to run.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Year already

Flu's and Xmas has wiped me out for running, just managed to squeeze in 12 miles in small bits in two months! A bit of weight's crept on but I'll soon rid that once running again. Went out today for my first session in ages! did a neat little set of Kenyan Hills (30 mins or so) and no bother, nice to get running again. Did two other positive things - signed up for my first Ultra 33 miles of Osmotherly Phoenix on the 4th of July 09, the day before my 49th birthday. (A little present to myself!) Oh, the other is to make a date this Thursday with what I hope is going to be my new club Deestriders. Need to work out how to post images on this site!