Wednesday, 21 January 2009

1st club easy run

Not that easy, met a few more club members last night on their regular Tuesday night run out. The route from the club is all uphill. (888ft) climbing No surprise there as the club is at sea level! The pace was brisk enough for me at this stage of the game, with only last Sunday's 8mile cross country under my belt since getting over flu.(Didn't get into the hills proper, need to build up some strength first) We did 9.5 miles (1hr 25m) which is more than I would do on a work-time lunch run. Great to talk to some new people, and looking forward to getting more familiar with them. Also looking forward to a track sesh on Thursday. I'm dropping some excess xmas baggage
also, 3kg since last Thursday - it's got to help!

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ultra collie said...

hope you dont get TOO familiar with your new mates ;)