Friday, 23 January 2009

More Track

A Pyramid session last night. 800/1200/1500/1200/800's. It's interesting, this is only my second time on a track with my new club members. I've identified two or three runners who have run at a similar pace to me over the two speed sessions. Looking at some of their recent competitive 10k and half marathon times, they too are comparable to my own. I'm hoping where I'll score well is on the longer distance stuff, which I much prefer. Planning my first stab at the hills on Sunday. It seems like an age since I was last running up Moel Famau (Mother/hill) my 'guardian hill' - I like to think she looks over our house and keeps us safe (above). May take little Dot with me for ballast.


ultra collie said...

loving the site upgrade. go easy now fella or you'll be breaking the snod 3.30hr barrier before you know it!

JC said...


Happened to spot you mentioned Moel Famau. See my little site at where I describe why it's a hill not a mountain (it's not 2000ft tall).

I also do a bit of running ...only not as much as you seem to do.



steve zodiac said...

Hi JC - I read a different reason for the use of mother somewhere recently, I'll try and remember where. Yes it's technically not a mountain, but it feels like one when you run it!

I noticed your ref to advertising. I am an Art Director/Creative and work for an International advertising agency based in Prestbury. I'll check your other sites out when I have a mo.