Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Holiday time!

Physio has signed me off for ten days. Never mind time to chill and forget about running then. I've decided to be positive about negatives. Got over the cold, went out for a 5 mile warm up run Friday and out into the hills for another leg of Offa's Dyke on Sunday. 13 miles or so. Enjoyed finding my way round using my map however I kind of new where I was without it. It was straight out of the car and climb, climb, climb for a couple of miles before getting high enough for some really nice views (above). It's funny how little things can make a day out of a run. On the way back I came across a lone Curlew which let out its spooky call as it flew from its hideaway flushed by Dot. Also a Charm of Gold Finches happily singing away amongst the hillside thistle. Dot's getting fitter and enjoyed this run more than ever. I loved it. Somehow over the weekend I tweaked a medial ligament, don't know how but the run brought out the inflammation. No problem, time for a rest. I'll be back.