Friday, 16 January 2009

Getting on track

So, joined my new club Deestriders last night. The initiation ceremony was harsh – 5 x 1000m intervals. Of course I was off the starting blocks like a hare not really knowing in physical distance how far 1,000m was! Soon found out when I ran out of oxygen. It’s amazing how exposed you feel on a track, and fat! I’m intending on dropping a stone over the next 5 weeks which will help. Looking forward to the benefits that kind of motivated training will provide.

Enjoyed the session and met some really friendly people including A long lost second cousin! Hope to run with him soon. Will try and get to the next club meet on Tues for a social 7 mile road run. - looking forward to it. Hmmm...the hills are calling for the weekend, I’ll have a think about where to run.

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ultra collie said... is now one of dee striders man...