Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Why is there only one shoe in the road?

Actually I was relieved that there was. We've all done it, forgotten some kit that is. I was looking forward to my evening club run to loosen the legs after the weekend's harder hill run. Thankfully I realised early that I'd left my insoles drying at home after being washed. Bummer. I did have one spare - don't ask me why only one??? I drove to the nearest super-stores pretty convinced that I'd find a substitute pair in the shoe department. After browsing the areas of both stores, I left empty handed. Thanks for nothing Tesco and Marks & Spencer. I decided to drive back to work and solve the problem later. Could I ring my wife and get her to deliver my soggy pair to the running club? Not if i wanted to hang on to my manhood! Driving along the A34 Wilmslow made me think about something I often think about. Why is there only one shoe in the road? Where's the other one? why are there so many? How do they get there? Why shoes?

Sure enough although the stretch of road I travelled was only a couple of miles, it sure as eggs produced a lone trainer - bingo!
I pulled over, grabbed the 'minging' over-sized trainer and drove back to work with a big grin. A quick wash with anti-bacterial hand wash and a trim to size using my spare one as a template with a craft knife - and I was kitted out to do my run. Is this obsession? Who cares, another 9 miles cracked out and it felt well earned.


kate said...

true dedication to the cause ;)


Hi Kate - I was thinking I may have been running in a dead man's shoe? Someone thrown from a car crash - yikes!

ultra collie said...

only you could tell that tale! :)