Thursday, 5 February 2009

Crunching snow not cornflakes

Something happened on my usual early morning journey from N.Wales to Cheshire (Where I work).On arrival (7.15am ish) I'm normally able to drop the driving seat, snuggle into my North Face down jacket, and catch an hour of kip before a shower, scoffing some porridge and starting work at 9.00am. Tuesday was different, there was snow on the ground. I got a bit excited about the thought of an early morning run over Kerridge ridge, past the 'White Nancy'(see pic) then back to the car and work. A quick 'in car' change into my gear soon saw me running into an icy head-breeze. Dawn was breaking and it felt great to be out running on the crisp snow. I've been dropping a considerable bit of weight over the past 4 weeks (5kg). Running on an empty stomach in minus 2 felt a bit weird, but wasn't unbearable. The route took me 6 miles or so across snowy fields and up and over the snowy ridge itself. You have to lift your feet higher in the stride to run in 3 or 4 inches of snow, it's tiring. Passed one fellow runner coming from the opposite direction en route, he warned me of the deeper snow ahead. It wasn't that bad and mostly runnable, with good views at the top. A great way to start the day, and better than my usual 'snooze'and most people's cornflakes. Lunchtime came with a phone call from 'Collie Dave' who fancied a short clip across the snow himself, so off we went for another 3 and a half mile crunch. Burp! - Brilliant!

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