Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Have I got a plan?

A few days have passed since the thought of doing the PBR entered my head. I've had my head down gathering information on the route, and have read a few accounts and even watched a poorly made but sunny home video - which to be honest only served to disguise the harder realities of the challenge. (No disrespect to the runner in it intended) I've now got the route in my head in terms of how the mountains fall according to the downloadable suggested timing plan. I've matched photographs from different angles of each of the 47 peaks as they appear on the timing plan. This with a little knowledge of parts of the course gained from my mountaineering days has given me a clearer picture to visualise. I've also studied the OS map in detail of each leg. It's a lot of very rugged ground!. It's also 3 times more running climbing than I've done in one session to date. The plan at the moment is to develop my current Ultra running experience with a couple more Ultras in the late spring and summer this year and maybe add another towards the end of the year. Next year all being well, I'll aim to do the Fellsman in May which is 11,000ft over 62miles and then for the run up to Autumn 2011 I'll spend time on the PBR course itself. I'll also look at covering the first leg later this year, after that I'll know if I'm capable of a serious attempt or not. The more I look at it the more I can see putting a reliable pacing and support team together being an equal challenge to the run itself. As I progress this year and speak to people etc this problem may sort itself out. Meanwhile its back to nosing around to see what i can find on the subject.

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ultra collie said...

the devils in the detail..and you're top of the class in that respect.