Thursday, 7 January 2010


The last time I ran was the last time I blogged. Another 'freak' injury stopped me in my tracks the week before Christmas. I had decided to run through this Christmas and New Year. (In previous year's I'd 'fatten up' during the holiday right through to the new year. The 'freak' accident involved DIY, a Stanley knife and my finger. It's always the way when you're rushing - slight lack of concentration and the male of the species propensity to be brave (carefree) with dangerous tools. The resulting cut or to be more accurate 'chop' was down to the bone of the joint of my wedding ring finger - which took a couple of days to properly hurt. There was no chance of running through Christmas. So I took the opportunity to 'fatten up' once again. Christmas was busy right through to the New Year for me with travel North and South with a New Year's Eve wedding consuming most of my time. So here we are into the New Year, my finger's healed, I've packed on 10 lbs and enjoyed every calorie. I'm now ready to roll (so to speak) Britain's been in a state of deep freeze for a few weeks and I've been desperate to get out and run some snow. Yesterday work was cancelled so I took the opportunity to coax Dot from under her duvet and we both headed for the nearest hill. Running in a foot of perfect powder snow and climbing through a frozen hillside forest, this was my reward for making the effort. I felt really good considering the extra weight, remnants of throaty cold and a couple of weeks being well lazy.

I decided before Christmas to cancel my C7 disc operation that was booked for the 12th. It was a fairly serious operation and would have stopped my running for at least three months. I consulted my Doctor yesterday and he agrees that for now I've made the right decision. This is a very positive start to the new year for me, so I intend on making the most of the reprieve. Time to start planning some events and getting some entries sorted. Cader Idris looks like a starter. I fancy some Welsh mountain running. Will hope to do a better time at the Osmotherley Phoenix 33 in July. Then a 50m somewhere and will certainly do the Snowdon Marathon for the 4th time. I'll be looking for a flat marathon at some time to get a time. along with that, I'll have to see. If I have as good a year's running as 09 I'll be happy. I'm still busy finishing projects in the house, but there is light at the end of that particular tunnel. Next year when the chores are done, who knows what adventures lay in wait?

No real New Year resolution for me, other than to run when possible!