Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Ok - Time to start thinking 010

Next year's running plans are affected, My sentence of 6 years or so hard labour on home improvements is affected and work will be affected a little. In the past I've fallen out of trees, I've played Rugby Union as a prop way under weight for the position, I've Rock and Ice climbed - taking two falls over 12 years (1 4o footer and decked out) I've fallen off mountain bikes and wiped out skiing more times than I can remember and pretty much got away without serious injury. Running (I thought) was sedate in comparison to some of these things. So it was irritating to say the least to be diagnosed with a extruded disc at the C7 area. Also my surgeon says it can't be fixed without invasive surgery. The 'pins and needles' down my left arm I'd been experiencing was due to a root nerve being compressed by the damaged disc. So decision to be made on when to have the op? Soon as possible in the new year I thought so as not disrupt life too much. I had a cold that lasted over 30 days at the beginning of last year yet still had my best year's running so far. January 12th 2010 I'll have the op (unless I'm advised against it). I'm still to talk to some people about that. I've decided to treat it as 'routine maintenance'. Oh and how did it happen? sitting on my backside at a desk - the irony. I'm still running at the moment and have a couple of short distance races to do before the op. First one is 9th December a local 10k - I've only run one in my first year of running at about 46min 20sec. Looking to PB that. So, I'm finding it difficult to plan next year at the moment, but will be doing a couple of Ultras and a couple of marathons amongst other stuff.


ultra collie said...

whilst you're on the operating table get them to check out your lugs too...that music is just sooo..;)

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Yes, yes knew you wouldn't like it - what if I change it to a nice earthy bit of Clannad or Chieftains?

To be honest I was experimenting with the gadget technology out of interest so I doubt it'll be up for long. In the meantime there's a little button you can press - it's called the off switch!

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Yeh get it over with. If your lucky you may even wake up with bionic legs ;)

That 10k PB should get hammered!