Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Run of bad Karma

Apologies for no post. It is with irony that I read my last post which is titled 'Holiday Time'. The injury recovered quickly. This wasn't why I haven't posted. I put a few 'tick-over' runs in just after the niggle to the knee, then my work commitments went hay-wire. I had a lot of traveling to do in three days on a TV shoot - which meant living out of a suitcase kind of thing - this also meant a crap diet and bad sleep. Then I had to spend 3 weeks (inc weekends) of long stressful hours sitting in a dark room, film editing on a particularly difficult job. This was no good for my running or my running state of mind. At the end of a 12 -15hr day, I have to admit I was more interested in cold beer rather than running. I found the upset to my normal life and running routine hard to adapt to. Laziness and lack of interest in running set in. I don't want to make this sound like a moan, it is not often work gets in the way to that degree, so no complaints - got to make a living. We just had the Easter holiday and I was due a couple of extra days off to boot, I used them to ease back into the running mood - even taking on a 11 mile beefy hill route which I managed in my average time for that route. It hurt a little more than normal though! Still not eager mentally, I'm sure that'll come. Having joined a running club this year and benefiting from regular track sessions, I really noticed the difference when trying to maintain the same level of fitness with just getting in a few 'tick-over runs' I soon found out that it can't be done that way. So it's back to the track and some hill intervals as soon as!

PS - I just got a speeding ticket! - if only it could have been for running!


kate said...

i hate the way work gets in the way of life! joining a club sounds like a good idea-been mulling it over myself for a while. no excuse then not to get out ;)


hey Kate - Next time I turn up to the club (Hopefully Thursday) I'm expecting to a) get whooped by people who I was getting the better of. b) Not be recognised. I've got to say the track sessions were fantastic and really improved my fitness in a matter of 5-6 weeks.